A Brilliant Pairing of World Class
Vintage Cars and the Ancient Capital

Legendary vintage cars, Award winners at many concours events throughout the world, and precious cars which might only be seen once in a lifetime will be exhibited at the Nijo Castle which has more than 400 years of history and registered as the World Heritage site in Kyoto, Japan. This Exhibition of Concours will take place at the areas in the Nijo Castle including “the Courtyard of Ninomaru Palace”, “the Front Garden of the Kitchen”, and “the Kitchen” which are normally closed to the public but will specially opened for viewing for this event only.

The exhibition cars are judged based on their design and the craftsmanship of their builds. Awards are presented, after careful consideration, by judges along the same lines of criteria as that used in similar level events in the US and Europe. Finally, the most elegant cars in each Class and Special Category are decided and this prestigious award bestowed.

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