Concorso d’Eleganza Kyoto First annual showing is concluded
Concorso d’Eleganza Kyoto First annual showing is concluded
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Concorso d’Eleganza Kyoto Award Outline
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Do you know the charm and appeal of classic and vintage cars?

These cars have the value of timeless design, style, and elegance. Also, each car has the most superior craftsmanship and engineering from each era. The cultural value for those cars should be apprised properly.

Automobiles in European and American society have been receiving great attention in their own right alongside fashion, art, craft, food, and architecture. Villa d’Este in Lake Como in Northern Italy, a premier summer resort in Europe, and the Pebble Beach Resort in the United States, home to one of finest golf courses in the world and the U.S. Open Championship golf tournament, have been holding events every year for almost a hundred years. Wealthy celebrities and automobile enthusiasts from around the world gather to evaluate the finest automobiles in the world for their historical, artistic, and technical values. The event in Nijo Castle, Japan, came from a desire to create the same atmosphere of elegance and respect for perfection as that found in Villa d’Este and Pebble Beach."

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Why hold the event in Kyoto?

Kyoto as a historical and ancient city in its own right was felt to be the most suitable city in Asia for such an event. Kyoto is also the home of many of the most elegant traditions in Japan.

The city of Kyoto is an ancient capital of Japan, full of old and venerated temples and home to craftsmen who practice traditional crafts with the skills and artistry honed over thousands of years of practice. In the same way that Europeans and Americans value classic and vintage cars Japanese have come to place a high value on the craftsmanship and mechanical beauty of the automobile. Even though coming from different cultural backgrounds the desire to foster ones own culture and a respect for history are common to all.

Nijo Castle in Kyoto has existed for over 400 years and has been a registered World Heritage site for the past 20 years of its history. We feel that the history and intrinsic beauty of this location best suites the appreciation of class automobiles and will provide an atmosphere of splendor and elegance for all who attend. This event is a festival to share the history, culture, and craftsmanship of the automobile into the next generation, from the city of Kyoto to the world.

General Producer
Hidetomo Kimura

"Visit Kyoto Ambassador" (Kyoto International Tourism Ambassador)
Art Aquarium Artist
CEO / Aquarium Creator’s Office Srl

Organized by Kyoto City, ARTISTIC CARS AT THE WORLD HERITAGE Executive Committee
Supported by World Cultural Heritage Area Cooperation Conference, Rekishi Kaido Promotional Council
General Producer: Hidetomo Kimura ("Visit Kyoto Ambassador" (Ambassador of International Tourism for the Kyoto City appointed by the Mayor of the City of Kyoto / Art Aquarium Artist)
Planned/Produced/Operated by Aquarium Creators Office
Collaborated with Art Aquarium
Cooperated with Kimono Artisan Kyoto, Fukujuen, Oneworld

Catalog of Award Winning Automobiles Catalog of the Automobiles on Exhibition