Best of show, Alfa Romero 6C 2500 SS Bertone (1942)


The Alfa Romero 6C 2500 series was produced from 1938 through 1952 and the current model on display is one of the earlier examples of this series.

This is an example of the reduced wheel base, over 30cm from front and back, which made for a shorter frame and is the known as the “Sports Chassis Type 256”. This style of chassis was mainly used by the Ferrari Works Racing Team (Scuderia Ferrari) and in 1942 was reinforced with a cross bar adding further strength to the design and leading to the new designation SS (Super Sports). The car on display features this same style of chassis design and was produced in 1942 by the Alfa Romero company as the Alfa Romero 6C 2500 SS.



However, the chassis on this car does not contain the reinforcing cross bar and though the chassis design is the same it was made with the slightly older style. This can be explained by the material shortages which occurred during the Second World War in the 40’s. As a new car it was originally purchased by a car dealer in Italy and sold to a Swiss owner in 1946. From there it was purchased by an American collector. Finally, it was returned to Italy where a full and loving restoration was conducted to bring it back to its original condition.



The body design was done by Carrozzeria at the Bertone company. Styling was done by the famed Mario Revelli de Beaumont. With a pedigree such as this the car has received the highest levels of praise around the world at many automotive events in which it has participated. This, however, culminated in the best in show award received at the Concorso Deleganza Villa Deste in 2011.


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