Best post war closed, Maserati A6G 2000 Vignale


The Maserati A6 series was made to full racing specs but sold to the public. It was the first entry by Maserati in their Gan Turismo (road car model) line.  The body was designed by Giovanni Michelotti at Carrozzeria and coach built to his exacting specs. There were many different designs from Carrozzeria over the course of the A6 series, however, the car on display here is the sole example produced sporting the Vignale design. A truly rare and beautiful automobile.




This car was first shown by Maserati in the Paris Autoshow of 1951 and made quite the splash as a feature of the Tour de France of the same year.  In 1969 the car was involved in a major accident which severely damaged it. The owner at the time decided to repair the car to its original specs and spent nearly 25 years assembling the individual component parts from the same era and rebuilding the car to the exact same appearance and internals as it rolled out of the factory with.




In 1998 the car made an appearance in the US at the Pebble Beach Concours de’Elengance in which it won the coveted post-war gran turismo class best in show award. Even the paint scheme, the iconic blue and white, has been restored to its former Paris Auto show era glory.


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