The best Italian car, Maserati 3500 GT (1962)


This car was first presented at the Geneva motor show as an example of the very high end sports car, developed for the Gran Turismo, by Maserati. Its presentation did much to elevate the brand prestige and admiration for Maserati.



The model on display previously belonged to the famous American singer, Eddie Fisher’s wife and world actress in her own right, Elizabeth Taylor. It was given to her as a present and specially colored for her in Champagne Gold.



The next owner was Eddie Fisher’s good friend the artist Anthony Quinn. Following this the car changed hands four more times with the current owner being the seventh. Not only is the car rightly celebrated as a classic example of the 3500 GT series and a beautiful work of automotive art itself but the connection with so many famous owners in its past gives it a special history and aura all its own.

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